Where Can I Buy a Faraday Cage?

After years of speculation that electronics can be accessed by intelligence agencies through a back door, an internal NSA catalog reveals that such methods already exist for numerous end-user devices.

— Der Spiegel: NSA’s ANT Division Catalog of Exploits for Nearly Every Major Software/Hardware/Firmware

I’m starting to think Gene Hackman’s character in Enemy of the State was completely sane.


With each recent revelation about the NSA’s spying programs government officials have tried to reassure the American people that all three branches of government — the Executive branch, the Judiciary branch, and the Congress — knowingly approved these programs and exercised rigorous oversight over them.

— NSA Spying: The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen

Obama appointing Clapper to head the review board is the most laughable part of the administration’s response to the revelations.


As James Risen and Nick Wingfield reported yesterday in the New York Times, the interests of tech companies and the NSA have been converging over the past decade in two ways. The first way is fairly prosaic: Lots of Silicon Valley companies are in the business of selling stuff to the NSA: storage hardware, sophisticated communications equipment, data analytics software, and more. But while this may have increased recently, it’s not fundamentally new. It’s just the latest high-tech twist on the good old military-industrial complex.

— Kevin Drum: The Surveillance-Marketing Complex, Coming Soon to a Computer Near You

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