Chain of Commands

I’d like to see the app switcher’s ability to quit and hide applications extended to allow other commands to be sent to applications without having to exit the app switcher quasi-mode. This could be handy with browsers, writing tools, and media players.

HUD Commander

This would work best if the selected application’s windows were presented when using the switcher so you can see what you are acting on. If not, it may be best to limit the additional commands to those that appear in the application’s Dock menu (usually, create a new document or window) and have a keyboard shortcut.

Symbol synchronization

Since Apple dictates both the design of the Apple Pro keyboard and the graphical interface, why are the modifier key symbols used in the menus not used on the keyboard keys? (With the exception of the Command key, as noted below.)

  1. Shift (?): no problems that I foresee…
  2. Control (?): the caret symbol over the 6 key is very similar, but with the right size and line weight, I think it would be distinct enough to work.
  3. Option/Alt (?): no problems…
  4. Command (?): already taken care of!