Put On a Sweater

If we’ve got the Kyoto treaty driving us towards a zero carbon house, how can we possibly expect consumers to manage those homes efficiently if we’ve got all these different systems and they’re not integrated[?]

This one device that controls 50% of your home's energy wasn't being innovated at all. It seemed like it was stuck in the ’80s.

Colin Calder (Passiv Systems) and Tony Faddell (Nest) on their smart thermostat projects

Solar Us

If humanity could capture one tenth of one percent of the solar energy striking the earth – one part in one thousand – we would have access to six times as much energy as we consume in all forms today, with almost no greenhouse gas emissions.

Smaller, cheaper, faster: Does Moore’s law apply to solar cells?

…humble, behind-the-scenes “process innovations” will continue to increase the efficiency and drive down the costs of manufacturing the technologies we already know work.

The Coolest New Solar Manufacturing Technology You’ve Never Heard Of