Professional Learning Maps (2013 – 2017)

Professional Learning Maps is a web-based tool to support individualized professional development for K – 12 educators and leaders.

PLM Skill Badges preview
An example guide used to communicate the user flow logic and functionality of a feature. When necessary, I supplement such documents with prototypes to better communicate granular interactions. You can download the entire document (4.5 MB PDF).
Professional Learning Maps' conference booth
I designed all the marketing collateral and banners we used at this Philadelphia conference.
A video of an interactive for educators giving some ideas for how to use community connections in the classroom. I created the illustrations (excluding the educator character), set up the animations in Hype, and wrote the bits of JavaScript to control the playback of the voiceover.

ThirdSpace 2.0 (2013)

ThirdSpace was a social network to support the soft-skills development of K – 12 students. I was responsible for visual and interaction design, user research, and provided specifications and assets to the remote development team who built the software.

Burst Science (2011)

Takao Umehara and I worked with the team at the Lawrence Hall of Science to design a science curriculum and instruction guide for educators.

Homework Buddy (2010)

A concept for an iPad app for students to use to keep track of their homework, school events, and find tutors.

Standards Hexagon Map (2010)

A honeycomb map allowing educators to gauge progress on learning standards and create groups based on standards.

Burst Reading (2009)

Reports on early elementary student language decoding, letter naming, phoneme segmentation, etc.