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New York Photography

Fort Tryon Flowers


Apple’s Pro Hardware

The new, highly expandable Mac Pro looks like a great solution for high-end music, photography, video, and 3D content production. I wish the baseline storage capacity was higher.

The Pro Display XDR is very impressive and yes, reference monitors are really expensive (see this announcement of Atomos’ new Neon lineup, for example), but $5,000 without a stand or mount? Apple’s John Ternus seemed surprised that the WWDC keynote audience seemed to suffer sticker shock when he announced the pricing. Dell’s 32″ 8K display costs $3,900 with a stand that allows it to rotate from landscape to portrait orientation. It’s not a good option for Mac users because of the pixel density (about 280, which is too high for macOS) and a number of the specs are inferior, but this feels like Apple charging a premium just because of the logo on the back.

New York Photography

Midtown at Sunset

Yesterday’s sunset was rather vibrant.

I believe in AV1, but the encoder is slower than a sloth in a tarpit. I really hope they get hardware acceleration working soon.

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A Red Admiral

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Who Needs QA When You Have Oprah and Spielberg!

Apple needs to get off their goddamned pedestal, stop hosting self-congratulatory Lady Gaga concerts, and fix their fucking QA process, years-old bugs, and keyboards.

Tyler Hall: Losing Faith

My mother installed a macOS update to find that the system would no longer mount one of her external drives. It’s a common model from a major vendor. She has taught herself a lot about her Mac over the last couple years, but she certainly didn’t know to use Disk Utility to force it to mount and she shouldn’t have to. Apple’s software quality is in decline and they just don’t seem to care. They seem much more interested in establishing the company as a techno-rentier rather than continuing as one that offers a simple proposition: you pay a premium for well-integrated software and hardware that mostly just works.


Funky Ohio

Funk musicians and bands originating in Ohio
Musician or Band Origin Date Place of Origin
Catfish Collins Born Cincinatti, Ohio
Johnnie Wilder (co-founder of Heatwave) Dayton, Ohio
Bootsy Collins Born Cincinatti, Ohio
Keith Wilder (co-founder of Heatwave) Dayton, Ohio
The Ohio Players Originally founded Dayton, Ohio
The Pacemakers (eventually called The J.B.’s, James Brown’s backing band) Cincinatti, Ohio
Lakeside Dayton, Ohio
Slave Dayton, Ohio
The Dazz Band Cleveland, Ohio
Faze-O c. Dayton, Ohio
Aurra Dayton, Ohio

Damn, Dayton.

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A table comparing the range of playback rates that you can set on HTML video and audio elements using JavaScript. Guess which browser was a real pain to deal with on a recent project?

Supported playbackRate in Browsers
OS Browser Minimum Maximum Source Code Link
macOS v10.14.4 Chrome v74 0.0625 16.0 Chromium source code
macOS v10.14.4 Firefox v66 0.0625 16.0 Firefox source code
macOS v10.14.4 Safari v12.1 0.0625 2.0 I looked, but could not find where it’s defined in the WebKit source code. Maybe it’s in the closed Safari code?

Modern hardware can play video smoothly at even very high rates. I guess Apple doesn’t think there are use cases for playing back video beyond double speed. Furthermore, their own documentation about the ability to specify playbackRate on iOS is inaccurate. As with desktop Safari, you can set it to the same maximum of 2.0, at least as of iOS 12.

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Get Personal

There is one alternative to social media sites and publishing platforms that has been around since the early, innocent days of the web. It is an alternative that provides immense freedom and control: The personal website.

Matthias Ott: Into the Personal-Website-Verse

NetNewsWire is also a nice RSS reader for macOS.