A Few iPhoto Comments

Based on iPhoto 7.1.3.


  1. Clicking the bottom left Info pane while viewing a single photo switches back to the library/album view rather than allowing input.
  2. When viewing a day with multiple events, dropping one event poster on another should combine the events.
  3. Due to the distance of the search/filter field from the Library source list items, it would be nice if the magnifying glass was displayed at the right of the item being searched to make it more obvious that a search or filter was in effect. A small touch I find helpful in Contactizer.

    Contactizer with source list filter indicator

  4. When viewing individual images, it is not clear when videos are presented, possibly leading people to believe they are simply out-of-focus still images. Displaying the video camera icon within the photo pane would help.
  5. When viewing an event, Command-Left and Right Arrow should navigate through events in the sorting order selected in the View menu > Sort Events.
  6. Control- or right-clicking in the bottom toolbar area should present the same Show in Toolbar sub-menu found in the View menu.
  7. The kerning of event titles is poor with some letter combinations. Notice the space between the T and o in “Toy”.

    iPhoto event title kerning


  1. The Keywords search is generally good, but you can’t type in Boolean queries once you learn the syntax. I’d like to be able to just type “Seattle or Tacoma” rather than having to click Seattle, depress the Shift key, then click Tacoma. The point-and-click cursor-based interface is nice, but should augment a keyboard-based one.
  2. Keyword letter shortcuts should be displayed and function when filtering via keywords.
  3. A flip-around animation of the Keywords window would be nice when switching between the assignment and editing modes.
  4. Displaying a small x next to applied keywords on the palette would make it easier for those with color perception abnormalities (particularly monochromats) to differentiate applied and non-applied keywords.

    iPhoto Keywords palette

  5. The default button on the confirmation dialog that appears when removing applied keywords from the available set should be relabeled “Remove”. Though I understand why this dialog is displayed, it really isn’t necessary given Undo support. Suspenders and a belt!

    iPhoto Keyword removal confirmation dialog

Fullscreen Mode

  1. When in fullscreen viewing mode, the bottom toolbar should appear when the cursor touches anywhere along the bottom of the screen rather than requiring the user to scrub over the actual toolbar area, making it consistent with the Dock’s hiding behavior.
  2. Rating assignment keyboard shortcuts (Command-1 through 5) do not work in fullscreen mode when the Information HUD has keyboard focus.