New York Observations

  • It seems impossible to buy plain denim jeans in this city. I don’t want pre-faded, pre-scuffed, permanently wrinkled, or otherwise counterfeited jeans.
  • Hipsters: please bathe. Seriously.
  • The 24-hour subway beats Seattle’s Metro bus system. Going out for a late meal is much easier here in part because of the transportation infrastructure (decrepit as it is in places).
  • The Strand is a great bookstore unless you are looking for design books other than those focused on graphic design.
  • New Yorkers are rain wimps.
  • iPods are very popular.
  • I’m surprised by the number of men here who don’t know how to wear a suit. The trousers should be cuffed and the coat should not have sufficient sleeve length to double as a straight jacket. Also, wearing a t-shirt beneath your button-up shirt gives you the male equivalent of panty line.