Batting .666 or so

My homey Brian is now a happy Firebird user. I showed him the handy Google search field and added the tab button to his toolbar. Why this isn’t in there by default is somewhat perplexing given how tabbed browsing is touted as one of the big reasons to switch from the mangler of web pages known as Internet Explorer. Hiding the feature away in the menus doesn’t make sense. Surely they can afford the space for the “New Tab” button?

While visiting his girlfriend, Brian installed Firebird on her laptop, but she isn’t using it because she says it is slower than IE. Hmm. I wonder if she was referring to starting up or actual page rendering. Because it is so deeply integrated in the system, IE spawns new browser windows very quickly, but I don’t think it is faster at page rendering.

I also installed Firebird on my father’s Windows laptop. He is glad to be rid of the pop-ups his co-workers are still dealing with.

I continue to be amazed with computer users coping skills – I go nuts if I use a browser that doesn’t have pop-up control built-in. Yes, I know about the free Google Toolbar. It is very nice of Google to fix Microsoft’s software for them.

IE6 and JavaScript

Just when you think you have a problem solved (pop-up window navigation), IE6 comes along and screws it up.

<a href=javascript: history.back()">Back</a>

Does not seem to want to work. At all. Regardless of syntax.

As for why, it would appear to relate to this listing. Rather than FIXING it, they disabled the code. FABOO!!

I’d appreciate anyone correcting me if I’m wrong in saying that this is Microsoft’s fault.

Letter s p a c i n g

According to Apple’s documentation, Safari 1.0 supports the letter-spacing property. Unfortunately, this is one of the tables which Dave Hyatt rightly pointed out as giving a view of breadth, but not of depth. Something about the CSS we are using causes the property to be ignored.

Cursives! Foiled again

The installation of Safari (version 1.0) on my iMac does not render the text beneath my weblog title in the system cursive font, as specified by my CSS. This is somewhat ironic as my iMac is the machine my weblog is actually on. D’oh.

Other installations of Safari on our home network render it as they should. Very odd. Also, OmniWeb (4.5b3) on my iMac renders it fine! It uses WebCore too, so this is somewhat befuddling.

Safari lacks the detailed font configuration of Mozilla and IE5, making this an irritant of greater size than it should be. I have tried flushing the user and system caches w/Cocktail and resetting Safari, all to no avail. Google searching has revealed nothing as yet.

Unsupported CSS in Safari 1.0

It appears that Safari does not support the text-decoration property within a span that is set to display: none until hovered (on which it is set to display: block, a la Eric Meyer’s css/edge).

I’ll post the files which revealed this issue in a day or two.

I also have seen some problems with the word-spacing property, which is supported, according to the MacEdition CSS2 support table.