Apple’s Pro Hardware

The new, highly expandable Mac Pro looks like a great solution for high-end music, photography, video, and 3D content production. I wish the baseline storage capacity was higher.

The Pro Display XDR is very impressive and yes, reference monitors are really expensive (see this announcement of Atomos’ new Neon lineup, for example), but $5,000 without a stand or mount? Apple’s John Ternus seemed surprised that the WWDC keynote audience seemed to suffer sticker shock when he announced the pricing. Dell’s 32″ 8K display costs $3,900 with a stand that allows it to rotate from landscape to portrait orientation. It’s not a good option for Mac users because of the pixel density (about 280, which is too high for macOS) and a number of the specs are inferior, but this feels like Apple charging a premium just because of the logo on the back.

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