Historical Exposé

As of Mac OS X 10.7, applications that provide a list of Recent Items display these documents as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen in the App Windows Exposé mode. The concept could be expanded to allow developers to specify what information appears in this section.

Users could navigate the history by two-finger swiping left and right or clicking the page dots immediately above the thumbnails.

Browsing History

Current browser window with history thumbnails

  1. Notice the bookmark icon displayed atop the page third from the left; I’ve bookmarked the page, so the mark appears to help me identify it.
  2. Modified behavior should apply to clicks/taps on thumbnails just as with links; if I hold Command and tap on a thumb, it should open in a new tab or window as specified by the browser settings.

Listening History

Audio player window with previously heard track thumbnails

  1. Star ratings or a favorite icon could be displayed for tracks.
  2. Hovering over a track thumbnail could trigger a fast crossfade between the playing track (if any) and the hovered track, making it easier to relocate a song you don’t know by name. The key would be a bit of a delay on hover so it doesn’t trigger as you are simply moving the cursor across the screen.

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Daniel J. Wilson

I am a designer, drummer, and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.