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The Fireworks Styles panel has some shortcomings, particularly when the icons are the small default size.

Fireworks' Styles panel as of CS5

  1. Style names appear in the bottom left of the panel only when scrubbing over them. You can use the Styles menu in the Properties Inspector, but that has no visual cues.
  2. There is little differentiation between type sizes with the small icon size.
  3. Styles cannot be rearranged, making it hard to group related styles if they aren’t created serially.
  4. White text or objects appear as white boxes in the list, requiring mouse scrubbing to reveal the title if multiple are used.

Styles List

Fireworks Styles panel list mockup

  1. Type is rendered at size up to a point, beyond which letterforms are too big to be meaningful in icon form. For those unusually large sizes, the icon might appear similar to another, but at least the size is given in the secondary label.
  2. The icon for text styles is based on the first use of the style.
  3. Styles can be rearranged. This isn’t depicted, but it would just be a matter of drag-and-drop.
  4. Light text and objects are given a contrasting background. Fireworks would have to determine a subtle but contrasting color.

A list view could complement the two existing icon views.

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