More Intelligent Design for Evolution

Evolution is generally a good app, so the e-mail account configuration assistant sticks out. Unfortunately, it is the first thing users encounter after first launching Evolution.

    1. First, a pointless welcome message that refers to the Assistant by a name different from the window title.
    2. It appears that prime marks rather than quotation marks enclose “Forward”. This typographical mistake appears throughout the Assistant.


  1. Poorly wrapped instructional text.


  2. “None” is not a sensible default for an incoming server type.

    Receiving default: None

  3. The server portion of the e-mail address the user input in the Identity step should be placed in the Server field.

    Receive via IMAP

    1. An automatic periodic check of 10 or 15 minutes would be a sensible default.
    2. Junk filtering on incoming messages would be a sensible default.
    3. Hiding the custom command and folder namespace settings in a progressive disclosure would cut down on the clutter.

    Receiving options

    1. More poorly wrapped instructional text.
    2. The Assistant should take a stab at the outgoing server address based on the incoming server address.
    3. Use the incoming server username as the outgoing by default (I typed mine in).

    Outgoing server

    1. If an account name is already taken (thereby disabling the Forward button), tell me.
    2. Poorly wrapped instructional text.

    Account management

  4. Lastly, a pointless pat on the head.

    Final Assistant step

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  1. Cool, I didn’t realise you were doing Gnome stuff as well. Have you told the Evolution hackers about reviews like this? They’d find it useful.

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