Tomorrow is the Question

Rescheduling an event to another day using the mobile Calendar app on the iPhone requires at least six taps across four screens. The method depicted below reduces the minimum taps to two with the number of screens depending on how many days the event is moved.

  1. In Day view, tap and hold the event.

    Event pressed in Day view

  2. With your other hand, tap the forward (or back) triangle button in the date bar.

    Tap forward button while holding event

  3. Alternatively, while still holding the event, swipe from right to left to go to the next day (or vice versa for the previous).

    Swipe while holding to move forward or backward

  4. The event is moved to the next (or previous) day at the same time. The event box would always remain beneath the tapped spot, nudging overlapping event boxes aside if necessary.

    Event displayed on new date

Problems with the Method

  1. Not easily discoverable
  2. Requires two hands or Evgeny Kissin-level finger dexterity
  3. Only works cleanly in Day view, though variations for List and Month could work

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  1. I just moved event with 1 thumb. Go list view as you said. The hold down words of event to move. Then drag it to next day or past day.

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