Be the Lord of the Ring!

Generally, you have some idea as to the expected social etiquette during an event when you are adding it to your calendar. Is it a meeting with a potential business partner? A date? Would it be irritating or embarrassing for your phone to burst into the latest Top 40 hit in the midst?

All phones have a way to switch them from audible to vibrate, but do you want to deal with that in the middle of a proposal?

A phone ringer setting in iCal's event details editor

The three options would be:

  1. Phone default
  2. Ring tone
  3. Silent ringer

A ringer configuration interface should also be available in the iPhone’s calendar application. Event ringer settings would be synced.

Events that occur within a longer event (e.g., multi-day events) would override the enclosing event’s setting. If events overlap, the setting for the latter event overrides that of the earlier unless the earlier is set to silent ringer.

This would also be great for concerts, either because you don’t want to interrupt a violin solo or you won’t hear an audible ringer during the shred guitar solo (depending on the music). Also, finding what may be a physical switch is not necessarily easy in a darkened venue.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, a lot of people lack cell phone etiquette indeed and it is really annoying to have someone’s phone causking a ruckus in an otherwise silent or solemnt activity like at church or in a service or something, and definitely annoying when in a meeting and the called party, the person who you happen to be meeting with takes the call and wastes your time

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