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I recommend the following books on design, though not necessarily in the order listed. Do not judge the relevance by the publication date.

Libraries Are Your Friends

The title of this post is not Buy These. Design books tend to be overpriced, so I only own a couple of those listed. Look in the programming or web section of the library. You’ll find them there along with “COBOL for Beginners” and “How to Make A Website with FrontPage!”.

The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design

Brenda Laurel, Editor

Articles by Laurel, Don Norman, Alan Kay, Ted Nelson, Ben Shneiderman, and others.

The Design of Everyday Things

Don Norman

Designing Visual Interfaces

Darrell Sano and Kevin Mullett

The OpenLook GUI used to illustrate the book may appear primitive by today’s eye-candied standards, but the concepts are still very relevant.

About Face (v1.0)

Alan Cooper

I haven’t read the 2.0 and 3.0 versions, but it sounds like they are basically expansions. It’s probably best to read the latest.

The Humane Interface

Jef Raskin

Designing Interfaces

Jenifer Tidwell

This book won’t do much to open your mind to new ways to solve design problems, but it is a good reference for working within currently common technical constraints.

Designing for Interaction

Dan Saffer

A good introduction to interaction design. The sections on service design (think Zipcar or Apple’s iSoftware/iGadget pairings) and ubiquitous computing were most interesting to me.

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