Thanks to Keith Lang and Cris Pearson of Plasq, I’ve been trying out Skitch, their in-progress screen capture and doodle application.

First Launch

  1. Login and Password, OK (Capitalize!). Also use capitalization consistently in the application menu and the Preferences! Skitch, with a capital S!
  2. Place the progress spinner in the lower left corner.
  3. For the intro movie, I suggest turning on bitmap thumbnail previewing on the desktop so that it is even a bit clearer how the Drag Me tab works.


  1. Being a proponent of state retention (coming soon to a brushed metal browser near you), I like that Skitch opens the previous capture when re-launched. Restoring the window position would make it better.
  2. I’d prefer to see a separate Preferences window that applies changes dynamically, allowing me to experiment with settings without having to open and close Preferences repeatedly.
  3. The opacity of the tool information bezels should be increased a bit to improve readability.
  4. After taking a snapshot, the window should grow out of where the user ends the drag, not where it began.
  5. The Skitch file format description text is not consistent with the others; what special functionality does the Skitch format provide? Can I reopen it later to continue working? That is my assumption…
  6. A dynamically titled Undo command would be great: “Undo resize”, “Undo crop”, etc.
  7. Perhaps flash the History button green along with the spiffy arrow animation.
  8. The vertical scrollbar is appearing unnecessarily in the History view.
  9. If possible, add the name of the frontmost window to the file name box for screen captures (probably the only thing I like about Snapz Pro).
  10. Please, please, please consider eliminating the Delete confirmation dialog. Perhaps I enjoy living dangerously or am easily annoyed, but I hate removal confirmation dialogs. Moving the file to the Trash with Undo support could take the place of the confirmation (predicated on technical feasibility, of course). Relabeling the command Move to Trash would then make sense.
  11. If the delete confirmation dialog sticks around, the Delete button should be on the right, even if it is not the default action (which I think it should be).
  12. I’d like to be able to use all my font faces! If the image is going to be uploaded, the text must be rasterized, right? I know the face would be an issue with SVG files. If font selection can’t be included, remove the Fonts command from the contextual menu (it got my hopes up).

2 thoughts on “Itch-a-Skitch”

  1. Thanks Daniel!

    We have traced these in our bug tracker – many are already fixed :)

    I understand #2, but we won’t be changing that, at least for now. It was a deliberate design decision to keep it single window.

    For #6, do you mean on the frame, or in the edit menu?

    #12 was hard to fix – but we will add fonts later.

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