Apple Interaction Interface Meta-data

Feedback Loop

Star ratings can be assigned to any filesystem object (kMDItemStarRating) as of Mac OS X 10.4. There is currently no way to do this in the Finder, but it is possible using third-party tools such as Desk Lamp.

What if that rating could be sent to the application’s developers along with comments and certain system information that could help them put the feedback in context? If someone is complaining about the performance of your heavy-duty application, you want to know if they are running it on a B&W G3, right?

  1. Assigning a rating from the Finder

    Assigning a rating in the Finder

  2. The Send Feedback dialog

    Send Feedback dialog

  3. The Send Feedback dialog expanded

    Send Feedback dialog expanded to show system information to be sent

Implementation Notes

  • The Send Feedback button would be disabled until the user either assigns a rating or types in the text box.
  • Feedback would only be sent at the user’s initiation and with explicit permission; no annoying dialogs when you upgrade an application or change the rating.
  • Ratings would be carried across version changes.
  • Feedback destination address(es) would be defined somewhere within the application bundle’s .lproj folders, allowing feedback to be sent to different addresses based on language.
  • If multiple applications are selected, multiple feedback windows are opened (the same behavior as the Info windows).
  • An option to submit ratings and comments to MacUpdate, VersionTracker, and Cool OS X Apps would be nice.

By Daniel J. Wilson

I am a designer, drummer, and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.