Minor Dentistry

The Incoming (Bluetooth) File Transfer dialog as of Mac OS X 10.4.6:

OS X Bluetooth incoming file transfer dialog

Issues with the existing dialog:

  • The “Accept all” checkbox does not indicate how broadly it applies; accept all incoming file transfers from anyone?
  • The user cannot edit the name of the incoming file. Given that the name of many files transferred via Bluetooth are generated by phones and PDAs, the name frequently means nothing to humans. I should be able to change “Photo_051806_004.jpg” to “Nick’s hotel in Miami”, which, crazily enough, is what is depicted in the image!
  • The user cannot see where the file will be saved to or choose a location other than the default set in System Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Sharing -> Bluetooth File Exchange.
  • Mac labels are right-aligned, dammit!

Possible solution:

Revised Bluetooth incoming file transfer dialog

As you may have guessed, the widget next to the filename editing box would toggle the display of the filesystem browser used in Open and Save dialogs.

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