One thought on “BeTagged”

  1. As someone who used (and loved!) BeOS, I can fairly state this:

    It crapped all over MacOS X in terms of performance, and ease of use.

    I’m talking specifically about live queries. They make Spotlight look like Windows File Search. Instant, or very close (even with 1000 results) display. Powerful, yet simple access to the query engine.

    Some other great things about BeOS were: individual email messages, meaning the filesystem could index them; mime types as file type indicators (very cool); amazingly fast bootup time; fast graphics.

    I used to use BeOS on an old 8600/250 PowerPC, and it was faster in every sense than my iMac G4 1.25. I also had it installed on my Dell machine (before it crapped itself, and I installed Windows XP Pro, and haven’t installed a replacement bootloader, so I can’t get to the BeOS partition!).

    MacOS X is coming closer to BeOS, but it still ain’t there yet!

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