Diamond Aged

I finished Neal Stephenson‘s “The Diamond Age” a few days ago.

I liked that it didn’t have the self-conscious tongue-in-cheek humor that was evident throughout “Snow Crash“, but I still found it somehow unsatisfying. Perhaps I’ll just never be a huge fan of Stephenson’s writing. I do give him credit for making nanotechnology central to a story long before it was cool.

Next up on my reading list: “The Psychology of Everyday Things” by Donald Norman.

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2 thoughts on “Diamond Aged”

  1. Are you trying to pick the fight back up again? 😉

    Still reading the Baroque Cycle (last volume now!) but I’m progressing slower than I would like due to a combination of lack of time and other (work-related) things to read…

    Nice re-design (did you have any problem upgrading to alpha 5?).

  2. The fight shall resume after another of Gibson’s books is published. 🙂

    I’ve had no problems with a5, but the way theme files are separated takes a minute or two to adjust to. The theme is Matthew’s “Mallow”, based on another WordPress 1.3 theme, “Kubrick”. Check out the footer links for more information.

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