Basically, it points out that Jesus is really one of the foremost liberals in world history, even today. In fact, let me make that even more clear: If you lived your life according only to Jesus’s teachings, you’d be a liberal. But liberal is a bad word. Perhaps I should say he would be a progressive. Either way, I shouldn’t have to restate the different principles that Jesus preached, and so instead I’ll remind evangelical Christians of this: Not only did a prostitute wash the feet of Jesus Christ, she did so with His explicit permission.

Jesus wasn’t about telling people that they were on a one-way trip to Hell. No, Jesus was sent to Earth for the sinners, because those who were already holy in the eyes of God could hardly have needed his help. If you’re one of those who voted for Bush on values, remember that the next time you look down at someone who is gay, or someone who’s had an abortion. Because in the end, it is likely that they will be exalted by Christ before he tells God that He doesn’t know you.

Bloggy: Rise of the Christianists

Being an absolute atheist, I find KDE developer & devout Christian Michael Pyne’s perspective interesting.

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