F-Spot Print Previewing

Nat Friedman of Novell recently praised the design of the proposed F-Spot Print Preview window. Two minor suggestions for making it even better:

  1. Allow the user to specify whether or not the copies are collated using a checkbox. This would be dependent on the user choosing to print more than one copy.
  2. Add a Collate checkbox to the F-Spot Print Preview

  3. Allow the user to select preview pages using a drop-down menu in addition to the navigation arrow buttons. This would allow for two click selection of any page, regardless of the total number. With the mockup implementation, getting from say page 4 to page 10 of 10 would require 6 clicks going forward or 4 going backwards whereas a drop-down would allow you to reach it in two — one to open the drop-down, one to select the desired page.
  4. Allow page selection using a drop-down menu

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Daniel J. Wilson

I am a designer, drummer, and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.