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There has recently been a bit of discussion (Tom Coates in particular) about providing browsers with the same kind of tagging offered by the social bookmarking service. I don’t know if it exists in any Windows browser, I know it doesn’t exist in any Mac browser, but it has already been done in two browsers for the GNOME desktop, Galeon and Epiphany.

Epiphany's Add Bookmark dialog

Adding a Topic using Epiphany

This dialog appears when the user chooses to add a bookmark using either the menu command or the related keyboard shortcut. The user can alter the label, the address, and choose from existing topics (tags in the parlance) or create new topics.

Epiphany's Bookmark Manager

Epiphany’s bookmark manager allows topic browsing, full text searching, and all the basic editing capabilities you would expect.

This implementation is far from perfect, but it is worth considering as a starting point.

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  1. The notes field certainly can be used for bookmark tagging, and it does work well enough when combined with OmniWeb’s searching facility, but it doesn’t lend itself to browsing. I’ve sent a number of bookmark-related suggestions to the OmniGroup, some of which they seemed interested in. I want my default browser to have the best bookmarking facilities on any platform. By the way, great job on the Firefox and Thunderbird icons!

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