Gentoo box en route

Thanks to my brother’s massive collection of spare hardware and the fact that his employer just bought everyone a new workstation, I will soon have a PC running Gentoo Linux.

This will be my first personal Linux box, though I did use Red Hat 9 on a daily basis for about three months when I was serving as a general IT geek alongside my brother at a place called Centerplex. I’d link to the website, but it’s just too embarrassing (not that I designed or coded it!).

I have both GNOME 2.6 and KDE 3.2.1 installed via Fink, but using them atop Darwin isn’t an optimal representation of their functionality because neither one is really well supported; there are rather large functionality gaps within both.

I’ll be posting more Open Source (including, but not limited to, GNOME and KDE) usability reviews as I reacquaint myself with these two environments and run into problems.

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Daniel J. Wilson

I am a designer, drummer, and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.