GIS Browser Contextual Menus

For image contextual menus, browsers could present a “Search Google for Similar Images” command, with the query constructed from the image’s filename, alt and title text (conjunctions would be removed), and perhaps the page’s meta keywords.

EXIF meta-data would be an even better source of information upon which to base such a query and would probably deliver more accurate results.

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Daniel J. Wilson

I am a designer, drummer, and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.

2 thoughts on “GIS Browser Contextual Menus”

  1. Absolutely, I’ve suggested this very thing to the author of Saft, he’s a bit more responsive than Apple, in making additions to Safari! : )

    …and of course, for Safari, it’d be nice to get site search via Google, as OmniWeb have added to their search field; interesting to see features creeping out of the browser, onto the network; search, bookmarks, and other network features creeping in (although, of course this has been happening over quite a long time.)

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