Mac OS X Notifications

This mockup is inspired by the Windows Taskbar and MSN Alerts notification methods and a Mail plug-in I recently installed, MailAppetizer.

Mac OS X Notifications (456K PDF)

If you are a Mail user, I recommend the following plug-ins in addition to MailAppetizer:

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6 thoughts on “Mac OS X Notifications”

  1. This app-centric notification approach is a nice-baby step, but concept-centric notifications are the real goal. How about a mockup based that builds off of this,

    but, without the strong spatial orientation.

    Black just isn’t an acceptable background color for personal computer UI elements.

    For mockups, use a solid background and hide all desktop icons. (You’re using Path Finder, right?)

  2. Incidentally, I began thinking about a more person-centered notification method after I posted this entry. I like your mockup and understand the value in approaching it more from that perspective.

    I considered clearing my desktop, but I wanted to see how they would look on a real desktop. With that said, I can understand doing so to bring the mockup into sharper focus.

    Thanks for the feedback, Robb!

  3. I installed Mail.appetizer after reading your post. I’m not convinced of its use yet (though it allowed me to see that you posted a comment on metacosm ^_^). The problem I have with it is the same I have with Mail. Emails I receive are sorted by rules into specific folders and Mail or Mail.appetizer only display what’s at the top level: either way, I am not notified of emails that have been sorted.
    A way to bind notification to rules would be very useful. Particularly, being able to say that I only want to be notified about emails that pass a given rule would make my day. My more important emails are sorted so I am never notified of them. However, theses are the emails about which I NEED to be notified so it’s kind of frustrating…

  4. Chris –

    I am indeed aware of Growl and am really happy to see it gaining such widespread support among Mac developers! Notifications are an important part of current (and future) interface design, making an open architecture such as yours all the more necessary.

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