5 thoughts on “Your site sucks!”

  1. The only problem I have with this is the mystery-meat button (the white pearl to switch modes). At least with the pill thing in the finder toolbars and other applications, the interface is consistently mystery-meat. Otherwise a good idea. How about going a step further, and exporting bookmarks via XML with the ratings in place. Sorta like a linklog?

  2. The pearl widget is a placeholder I forgot to update. In a real implementation, it would be the same dynamic triangle toggle widget found in the Save sheets, making for a consistent dish of mystery-meat. 🙂

    A cross-platform bookmark file format that can retain all of the metadata (ratings, visit count, description, categories, date added, etc.) input by the user is desperately needed. XBEL is an XML-based bookmark format that is already used in Galeon and Konqueror which could be extended to form the basis for such a thing.

    Being able to automatically syndicate this file (similar to how Del.icio.us works) would be great. Also, it could be used to create communities like Musicmobs.

    The possibilities are nearly endless, but they will definitely require something more flexible than the simple bookmark files that have been used since Browser War I.

    I just realized that MovableType’s comment preview function strips the title tags from hrefs. That better be fixed in 3.0.

  3. Good point. 🙂 I suppose such things could be realized with bookmark feeds similar to del.icio.us, but with more metadata.

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