Further mockery…

I have created another PDF walkthrough with Curio. I’m really digging this app.

This document (featuring far better formatting!) provides a graphical explanation of my Drag-and-Drop to the Dock idea.

Creating Documents via Drag-and-Drop to the Dock (PDF, 776K)

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Daniel J. Wilson

I am a designer, drummer, and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.

2 thoughts on “Further mockery…”

  1. I’ve often wanted this functionality, and as you’d be aware, some applications allow this (e.g. Mail), but as you say, it should be a system-wide feature.

    I think , just as you are, I’ve been wanting ever more ‘fluid’ control over the Mac UI, utilising Expose, command tab, and deeply grained drag-and-drop, to deal much more at the object, or ‘current selection’ level – these are the things that Apple’s newer features are crying out for… but we need consistent OS support for it to be truly useful.

    While the application metaphor is important, for many practical reasons, they shouldn’t be as siloed as they currently are… unfortunately Services are just too annemic, and drag-and-drop is good, as far as it goes, but that’s not far enough.

  2. Brent Simmons of Ranchero has requested an API for drag-and-drop to the Dock support and I’m sure he’s not the only one. Perhaps once the Tiger comes along!

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