3 thoughts on “The State of the Union”

  1. You forgot: “God god god no gay marriages, god god god”

    and: Weapons of mass destruction development program thingy stuff umm thingy (I didn’t like.. you are getting sleepy… sleepy)

    The clapping and cheering at the ‘wrong’ time on taxes and PATRIOT were great.

  2. I noticed after Bush mentioned the proposed constitutional amendment (the One Penis, One Vagina Amendment), the camera focused on Rick Santorum, who was clapping like he had been selected as a contestant on The Price Is (Far) Right.

    Yes, Bush conveniently ignored the fact that, as a certain soldier in “Spaceballs” said, “We ain’t found shit.”

    Bush neglected to mention that Libya had been under sanctions for years. The U.S. first imposed sanctions in 1982 and the UN in 1992.

    Libya’s economy was severely damaged by the international sanctions, making him realize that beginning those nine months of negotiations was the only way to begin a recovery. This was not some overnight conversion on Qaddafi’s part.

    I too was happy to hear the Democrats ruffle Bush when the expiration dates of his moronic policies were mentioned.

  3. The “abstention will solve the AIDS problem” or “our super-duper new budget will solve the deficit (which I conveniently forgot to mention was my own damn fault…)” bits were not too bad either… *sigh*

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