Mail/iCal/Address Book drags

While creating a gig event involving several other musicians, I noticed a few places where Apple applications poorly implement drag and drop.

  • Dragging an e-mail address from a message to iCal’s attendees field shows the + cursor which indicates a valid drop, but it doesn’t work. I was trying to use this as a shortcut to creating an event involving people who aren’t in my address book, but it is not possible.
  • E-mail clipping files created when an address is dragged to a Finder location are not valid attendees field drag and drop objects either. It is an e-mail address…
  • If a single card is dragged from the Address Book application, the name is not shown – only a generic vCard icon. This would not be as big a problem if the dragged card was always the highlighted one, but this is not the case.

    Oddly, this behavior used to be present in Mail (dragging a message only displayed a generic envelope icon), but it has since been corrected, displaying the full text shown in the application window. Apple’s application development teams need to agree on how objects will appear when dragged.

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