A Tax Hike for the Stupid

The New York Times: “Virginia Appears Poised to Raise Cigarette Tax

Given that it is currently a whopping 2.5 cents, this makes sense as a way of increasing state revenues to fund essential services. Among the hurdles will be the substantial power of the tobacco industry and their lobbyists, who brought in $266,891 dollars in the 1999-2000 timeframe, of which $212,482 went to the Republicans, currently a strong majority in the state legislature.

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2 thoughts on “A Tax Hike for the Stupid”

  1. I heard Canada is planning on raising taxes on the top of their population to pay for social services. Of course, the economic voodoo practitioners will doubt it works, and will blame any minor problem in Canada on it from there on.

    Of course we can blame the failures of ‘No[sic] Child Left Behind’ on budget cuts so President bush can get his tax cut. More Voodoo economics ruining the world.

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