Fighting the Slime in Real-Time

Yesterday, in a story about some of Trump’s remarks, CNN ran a chyron reading “Trump: I never said Japan should have nukes (he did)”. That kind of on-the-fly fact-checking is unusual, but Trump necessitates it because he tells such a spectacularly large number of lies. He also enables it because those lies are often repeated and obvious. So we’re beginning to see those corrections appear right in the body of stories: the reporter relays what Trump said, and notes immediately that it’s false.

Paul Waldman: The media have reached a turning point in covering Donald Trump. He may not survive it.

Queens Jazz OverGround Spring Festival 2016

The 4th annual Queens Jazz OverGround Festival was held Saturday, April 16 at Flushing Town Hall.

Keith Jordan Quartet featuring Sharif Kales

  • Keith Jordan — guitar
  • Sharif Kales — trumpet & flügelhorn
  • John Austria — piano
  • Frank Rosati — bass
  • Tony Mapp — drums

Eugenia Choe Trio

  • Eugenia Choe — piano
  • Sam Trapchak — bass
  • Alex Wyatt — drums
  • Brian Woodruff Quartet

    • Jeff Newell — alto saxophone
    • Pete McCann — guitar
    • Steve Whipple — bass
    • Brian Woodruff — drums

    Josh Deutsch’s Pannonia

    • Nikolett Pankovits — vocals
    • Josh Deutsch — trumpet
    • Ryan Keberle — trombone
    • Zach Brock — violin
    • Gary Wang — bass
    • Ronen Itzik — drums & percussion

    Helen Sung Quartet

    • John Ellis — tenor saxophone
    • Helen Sung — piano
    • Ben Williams — bass
    • Donald Edwards — drums